Creative Minds Don't Think Alike

We are a duo of creative minds that strongly believe in the power of digital media. We challenge ourselves to push each concept to the edge, resulting in a dramatic message that lands right on target.

Meet Split

Marketing Media Services


We're no stranger to being behind a camera. Whether we're shooting photography or video, we are pros at capturing the emotion of any moment. The subject we're shooting always looks incredible and the feeling is always tied to it. It's this specific detail that separates us from your average media studio.


It's safe to say that one of our favorite things to work on is brand design. From the pencil to the mouse, we strive to create designs for companies that quickly and effectively relay the message and generating a reaction that they're trying to convey.


Everything that we have captured and designed comes to life through our development. It doesn't matter if we're developing a marketing strategy or a website, SPLIT challenges every idea to ensure we develop a user experience that will stick with the audience.


We're pumped to be mentioned as one of the seven best food photographers in Cleveland article from A casual morning of coffee and donuts at the office landed in the article. Delicious.

The 7 Best Food Photographers in Cleveland

"If you’re looking to collaborate with a crew of food photography professionals, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the best food photographers in Cleveland!".